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Beyond the Lab

What is the Beyond the Lab program?

The Beyond the Lab program is an extension of the Humanities Lab, and more specifically faculty-student team collaborations. Beyond the Lab is designed to support students who wish to further develop their Lab’s impact outcomes beyond the semester’s end, with the mentorship, guidance and expertise of the faculty.

Who can apply?

Students who are currently completing a Humanities Lab can apply to extend their Lab projects beyond the scope of a single semester. To begin the process, start a conversation with your faculty and student team about how you see your impact outcome evolving. After you have an idea of what your Beyond the Lab project would look like, fill out this application to be considered.

Do you receive credit or funding for participating?

Yes! Accepted students teams will partner with faculty for a semester (or more) as they enhance and build upon their previous work. These students will receive ASU credit hours and a small support budget to help fund their continued efforts.

What are some examples of Beyond the Lab outcomes?

Beyond the Lab outcomes vary widely but always leave an impact. For example, three students from the Humanities Lab Spring 2019 – Rebuilding Puerto Rico Lab became the first students to kick-off the Lab’s inaugural Beyond the Lab program, where they created a children’s book with the aim of providing children language, tools and resources for coping with natural disasters such as Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria.

The interdisciplinary students, Molly O’Neal (Philosophy major), Jasmine Amoako-Agyei (Marketing major with a minor is Sustainability and Tech Entrepreneurship) and Madison Billingsley (Bio-Chem & Global Health double major) joined together with Humanities Lab Founding Director, Dr. Sally Kitch to continue their Lab’s impact outcome where they had worked in collaboration to authoring a children’s book.

The students, having also met with many experts throughout development, are currently in talks with publishers for their book which is titled I can do something!

Learn more about their project here.