Planetizing Citizenship

Fall 2024: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Walton Center for Planetary Health, Room 409 (Session C)

How might we expand definitions of human and citizenship rights to ensure access within and across nations to clean water, nutritious food, safe homes, and functioning ecosystems?


What is the "rights to nature" movement?


How do we ensure equitable access to social and environmental resources (clean air and water, a safe place to call home, functioning ecosystems for all?


We are living through a major transition in our evolution: with the development of artificial intelligence and discoveries in genetics, unprecedented challenges arise for the human species. How can we ensure that, in this rapidly changing world, education and research adapt quickly enough?

As climate-caused migration numbers and extinction rates rise, how will we ensure citizenship rights to humans and non-humans around the world?

Planetizing Citizenship investigates how climate change is forcing more and more human and non-human migration, biodiversity loss, and mass species extinctions. These human-induced crises cannot be solved within the boundary confines of modern nation-states, requiring planetary- scale unity and coopreration that must resituate humans as members of a shared planet. The Lab will engage students in exploring how we may shift our perspectives from citizenship to planetizenship in order to undo existing hierarchies and borders, engaging across gender, age, class, race, ability, species, machines, and matter, in order to collectively remake our planetary futures. We will explore how the world’s planetary citizens will innovate new science, arts, ideas, policies, and laws to ensure the survival of the planet and people. planetary futures worldwide.


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Impact Outcomes

Students will share their findings with the general public in a format of their choosing. Check this page at the end of the semester for updates!

Planetizing Citizenship in the News

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Enrollment Information

Fall 2024: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

WCPH 409, Session C

Humanities Lab HUL 494, 598
Educational Studies EDU 494, 598
School of Sustainability SOS 498, 594
English ENG 494, 598


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