Humanities Lab Team

Sally Kitch

Founding Director

Dr. Sally L. Kitch is a University and Regents Professor of women’s and gender studies, founding director of the Institute for Humanities Research and of the Humanities Lab at ASU. Her Specialties include: feminist theory and epistemology, the historical analysis of gender ideologies, and the gender of sustainability.

Juliann Vitullo


Dr. Vitullo is a faculty member with the School of International Letters and Cultures and a Senior Sustainability Scholar in the Global Institute of Sustainability. Her scholarship has focused on various aspects of medieval, early modern, and contemporary Italian culture with an emphasis on the relationship between narratives and the material world, including food systems. Her current research and community-based teaching emphasize the importance of preserving the cultural and ecological knowledge of traditional and Indigenous foodways globally.

Heather Switzer


Dr. Switzer is an associate professor with the School for Social Transformation. Her interdisciplinary research combines several fields including critical girlhood studies, critical development and globalization studies, transnational feminist theory, feminist disability studies, feminist methodologies, and feminist methods.

Monica Boyd

Program Manager

Dr. Boyd is the Program Manager for the Humanities Lab. Her work into gender and sexuality studies combines qualitative methods with traditional humanities methods for more holistic insights. She also enjoys working with faculty to help them develop their Lab courses as well as engaging in student-centered teaching herself.

Maureen Kobierowski

Communications Specialist

Maureen Kobierowski is the Communications Specialist for the Humanities Lab. Her work spans facets of strategic marketing, content creation, community relations and design. She is a graduate of Tempe Leadership, Vice Chair of the City of Tempe Arts and Culture Commission and Co-creator of the Annual Neighborhood Olympics in the downtown Tempe community.

Pamela Hintze

Business Operations Specialist, Sr.

Pamela Hintze shares over 30 years of experience in finance and personnel operations with the Humanities Lab. Prior to working at ASU, Pamela was CEO of a successful accounting business. She specializes in serving multiple stakeholders. Pam’s collaboration creates synergy for business operations that bridges the interdisciplinary teamwork between the Humanities Lab and various faculty, staff and community members. She has facilitated several women’s empowerment groups, is a First-Generation Graduate of ASU and has served as an Obama Scholars Mentor.

Malia Wilson

Communications Assistant

Malia Wilson is a Communications Assistant for the Humanities Lab. She is a Junior majoring in Social Work in Watts College and Justice Studies in the School of Social Transformation.

                                            Sannuthi Ravichandra

                                       Communications Assistant

Sannuthi Ravichandra is a Communications Assistant for the Humanities Lab. She is a graduate student pursuing M.S in User Experience at the Polytechnic School at ASU