Beyond the Lab 2021

Beyond the Lab 2021 - Disrupting Dis/Ability

The Humanities Lab Fall 2020 – Disrupting Dis/Ability Lab students decided to carry over their initiative to the Spring 2021 Beyond the Lab program in order to build upon their Lab’s original impact outcome – developing a new layer on ASU’s Interactive Campus Map. Their goal was to map access across all four of ASU's metro-Phoenix campuses to identify accessible restrooms, building entrances and other pertinent information regarding physical access.

The students, Jordyn Stebbins, David Jaulus, Christine Leavitt, Samantha Gillette, Melissa Richardson and RaNiyah Taylor – worked closely with ASU’s ADA Compliance Coordinator (Peter Fischer), GIS Enterprise Developer (Karen Fisher), and Director of Digital Transformation (Bobby Gray) as well as their faculty mentors Humanities Lab co-director (Heather Switzer) and professor (Annika Mann) to create the accessibility ‘layer’ to ASU’s Interactive Map.

The accessibility layer is now live on the ASU Interactive Map and viewable HERE.

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RaNiyah Taylor's Thesis

During the following Fall semester, RaNiyah Taylor—one of the student organizers behind Mapping Access @ ASU—created "A Guide for Universities to Cultivate Inclusion," a booklet to help guide students' implementation of inclusive accessibility projects on campus for her Barrett Honors Thesis. She also designed a website to house the booklet as well as documentation of the Mapping Access @ ASU project that can be viewed here.

See Humanities Lab's interview with Taylor to the right and images of her thesis defense below.

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