Photograph by Maureen Kobierowski, ASU Humanities Lab.

Indigenizing Food Systems: A Podcast Series on Econexiones

Lab: Indigenizing Food Systems, Spring 2022
Instructors: Myla Vicenti Carpio, Melissa Nelson, Alexander Soto
Type: Podcast
Tags: Sustainability, Justice, History
Team: Jordan Sene, Christy Pribish, Juan "Anthony" Rosas

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About the outcome

Econexiones is a collaborative podcast focused on having holistic conversations around sustainability-related topics. For the Indigenizing Food Series,our course team will design, plan, record, edit, publish, and distribute three episodes related to indigenizing food systems. We will be sharing food stories, discussing seed sovereignty, and decolonizing education

About the team

Jordan Sene is a fourth year undergraduate and first year MSUS 4+1 student in the School of Sustainability, College of Global Futures. She is the Program Coordinator for the Borderlands Earth Care Youth program at Borderlands Restoration Network based out of Patagonia, Arizona. Jordan is eager to continue working with youth, professionals and communities in the borderlands region. She plans on continuing holistic relationship building surrounding sustainability topics as host of Econexiones.

Christy Pribish is a first year graduate student at the School of Social Transformation, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She is a full-time worker and also does volunteer work dedicated to reducing stray cat overpopulation in Phoenix, AZ. She’s very interested in applying feminist theory to the food justice and environmental justice movements throughout her academic and professional work. She cares deeply about food, culture, animals, and people and how people can collectively work together to create safer and more sustainable communities.

Juan "Anthony" Rosas is a first year undergraduate student in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. He is a full-time student who loves to use technology, whether it would be coding or graphic design. He cares for his family and friends and aims to help them in any possible way