A group of students

Photograph by Maureen Kobierowski, ASU Humanities Lab.

Race and Disability

Lab: Deconstructing Race, Fall 2021
Instructors: Isaac Joslin, Yeukai Mlambo
Type: Video
Tags: Race, Disability, Health and Wellness
Team: Margaret Sarbacker, Mellissa Richardson Hall, Riley Forman

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About the outcome

Individuals who are both disabled and members of racialized groups face a unique lack of representation. While this creates a larger ignorance and alienation about their lived experience, it also has direct effects on their actual health. By sharing stories from these intersectional community members and identifying resources for students, this video will engage Arizona State University in a larger conversation around disability, justice, and accessibility. 

About the team

My name is Mellissa Richardson Hall. I am a disabled student who is interested in the experiences of other students with all types of challenges. My group is conducting interviews and surveys regarding racial construction and disability. I have been in Arizona State University since 2004. My first degree was a Bachelor”s in Interdisciplinary Studies. I received that in December 2009. My two concentrations were political science and human communication. I am currently obtaining my Master's in Social and Cultural Pedagogy. I have a personal interest in my group project. I am not only multiply challenged, but have various heritages in my background. I would like to know if other students experience similar situations to what I have experienced. The interviews we conduct will be from various backgrounds. I hope to learn from these individuals as much as possible.