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Amplifier Student Mini-Grants

A group of students

Photograph by Maureen Kobierowski, ASU Humanities Lab.

ASU Sustainable Food Map

Lab: Food, Health and Climate Change, Fall 2021
Instructors: Joni Adamson, Rimjhim Aggarwal
Type: Map
Tags: Food, Sustainability
Team: Sophia Schroeder, Jane Coghlan, Linette Kalandos, Kaitlyn Lee

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About the outcome

Information about sustainable food options at Arizona State University is extremely difficult to find, and what is available doesn't include details about how much food costs or where it's produced. By researching local sourcing, working conditions, animal welfare, and nutrition, this project will develop a map of sustainable food options at ASU to be displayed on the Sun Devil Dining website, social media, and dining halls.

About the team

Sophia Schröder is a graduate student from Germany who is pursuing a Master’s in Global Sustainability Science at Arizona State University and Leuphana University Lüneburg. Building upon her undergraduate studies in Sociology and Business Administration, she is passionate about advocating for human-centered approaches in the economy and creating (work) environments in which people can thrive and realize their full potential – for themselves and sustainability.

Jane Coghlan is an undergraduate student majoring in Sustainable Food Systems and minoring in Nutrition and Healthy Living at Arizona State University. She is particularly passionate about regenerative agriculture and sustainable biological systems. She is the Vice President for the Gardens at ASU Club and a student worker for the ASU Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems. Jane hopes to pursue a career in food and agriculture research and policy, or sustainable food production.

My name is Linette Kalandos and I’m currently a senior at ASU majoring in English. At ASU, I work with Global Launch as a student intern. Outside of my work at the university, I work at CVS Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician and I intern as a writer for 60 seconds magazine. 

Kaitlyn Lee is a PhD student in the School of Sustainability whose previous research involved evaluation of conservation easements on agricultural land. She has also participated in research focused on understanding seafood mislabeling and relevant traceability laws. Her interests lie at the intersection of Resource Economics and Food Systems. Kaitlyn is particularly interested in using quantitative methods to understand the impact of food systems on ecological and nutritional outcomes, along with evaluating relevant market incentives and other public policies.

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