Extending impact and expanding reach

Take your impact outcome to the next level. Seize the Moment is pleased to offer current Humanities Lab students the opportunity to apply for up to $1,000 for Lab outcomes to enhance their vision, reach wider audiences, and expand public impacts. 

Through our mini-grant program, students have produced podcasts and videos, organized public events, built gardens, and more. 

To learn more about Seize the Moment Amplifier mini-grants, you can keep reading to view past and current mini-grants. If you're a current student in a Humanities Lab course, you can learn more about applying.

If you have questions, please contact Seize the Moment Initiative Coordinator Bri Noonan at blnoonan@asurite.asu.edu

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ASU Plastic Reduction

Lab: Food, Health and Climate Change, Fall 2021
Type: Campaign
Team: Sebastian Ching, John Stachnik, Madison Canon, Mitskui Tanigaki, Parker Philips, Jasmin Otto, Eliana Burns

It's hard to imagine life without plastic. Yet even though it's so useful, the environmental and social repercussions are enormous. By distributing reusable cutlery, conducting an informational campaign, and advocating for washing stations in campus dining halls and restaurants, this project will support behavioral shifts reduce the impact of single-use plastics Arizona State University. 

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Indigenous Zine

Lab: Indigenizing Food Systems, Spring 2022
Type: Print Media
Team: Rachel Antidormi, Katie Halmekangas

Not Trendy but Timeless: A Sustainable Supply Chain Showcase

Lab: Sustainable Fashion, Spring 2022
Type: Art, Campaign
Team: Kelsey Ouellette, Michelle Andronic, Morgan Adams, Thomas Wu, Kate Hartland, Brad Monday, Owen Mendenhall

Old McDonalds Farm

Lab: Food, Health and Climate Change, Fall 2021
Type: Art, Performance
Team: Zane Encinas, Ziggy Bowker

Phoenix Utopia Manifesto: Creating Wellness

Lab: Decolonizing 'Madness', Spring 2022
Type: Campaign
Team: Agni Garduno, Laura Randall, Samantha Herrera-Arellano, Sherissa Mason, Li Jeanne Cheam

Piipaash Storybook Teaching Guide

Lab: Language Emergency, Spring 2022
Type: Print Media
Team: Shahzadi Laibah Burq, Hannah Lent, Addison Wagner

Race and Disability

Lab: Deconstructing Race, Fall 2021
Type: Video
Team: Margaret Sarbacker, Mellissa Richardson Hall, Riley Forman

Racial Justice throughout the United States in Public, Private, Technological, and Justice Sectors

Lab: Introduction to Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Research, Spring 2022
Type: Campaign
Team: Agni Garduno, Justin Torres, Syncere Dixon, Brady Judson, Tayandre Wright

Racial Stereotyping in Video Games

Lab: Deconstructing Race, Fall 2021
Type: Event
Team: David Jaulus, Anthony Rosas, Edwin Wong, Claire Hetrick

Seed and Story

Lab: Food, Health and Climate Change, Fall 2021
Type: Video
Team: Taina Diaz-Reyes, Mohadeseh Mousazadeh Miandehi, Kirby Skoric