Arizona Indigenous Food and Restaurant Magazine

Lab: Indigenizing Food Systems, Spring 2023
Instructors: Myla Vicenti Carpio, Melissa Nelson
Type: Print Media
Tags: Restaurants, Food Systems
Team: Addie Hegde, Brandy Rios, Brian Mecinas, Gabriel Sheppard, Maddie Kirk, Maggie Throop

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About the outcome

This project will create an accessible editorial magazine introducing a wider audience to the importance of preserving, promoting, and appreciating Indigenous foods in Arizona. Visual storytelling will highlight Indigenous chefs and restaurant owners through the lens of their traditional foods and lived experiences within the colonial food industry.

About the team

Addie Hegde is working to earn her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Sustainability with a focus in Society and Sustainability. Additionally, she is working to earn her certificate in Sustainable Food Systems and her certificate in Cross-Sector Leadership. Addie is specifically interested in working with marginalized populations that are disproportionately affected by the negative ramifications of climate change.

Brandy Rios is an undergraduate student majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Sustainability and Business and graduating this May. Brandy is interested in urban planning, sustainable fashion, and water rights. She plans to go to graduate school to pursue an MS in Sustainability here at ASU or abroad.

Brian Mecinas is an undergraduate student majoring in Sustainability with a focus in Sustainable Urban Dynamics. Additionally, he is pursuing a certificate in Cross-Sector Leadership. Much of his experience is rooted in justice-oriented climate organizing, community-based movement building, wealth redistribution through grant program management, and visual storytelling through photography.

Gabriel Sheppard is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food Systems with a focus in Procurement and Public Health and Nutrition, along with a certificate in Food Industry Management and Marketing. Gabe hopes to make a long-lasting impact in his community by working with his interests and passions in sustainable food economics, regenerative farming, low-impact food processing, and local-to-global equity.

Maddie Kirk is an undergraduate student majoring in Sustainable Food Systems with a focus on Public Health and Nutrition. With a passionate interest in both community and environmental health, she aspires to a career tackling nutrition insecurity and inequity through regenerative agriculture and supporting individuals in reconnecting with the food system through education and community engagement.

Maggie Throop is an undergraduate student on track to receive a Bachelor of Science in Sustainability with a focus on Sustainable Ecosystems. She is also on track to receive her Certificate of Sustainable Food Systems and is extremely passionate about making our food system more holistic and sustainable.