Climate Change: Arctic to Desert

Lab: Indigenizing Food Systems, Spring 2023
Instructors: Myla Vicenti Carpio, Melissa Nelson
Type: Podcast
Tags: Climate, Health and Wellness
Team: Ayden Clytus, Bailey Selover, Jazmin Nuñez, Priscilla Frankson

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About the outcome

This semester we will create a 2-3 episode podcast, along with video footage, that brings Indigenous perspectives to the conversation about food systems and its relationship to climate change and health. Our project seeks to highlight indigenous perspectives, contemporary adaptation strategies, and practices from Indigenous people as well as the impacts colonization has had on Indigenous food systems. adaptation solutions to address these issues, such as indigenizing food systems. Products: podcast, poster, stickers.

About the team

Ayden Clytus is an African American and Diné (Navajo) from Ch’íhootsoí, or St. Micheals, AZ in Diné Bikéyah, known today as the Navajo reservation. He will be earning his bachelor's degree in Justice Studies with a minor in American Indian Studies from ASU in May 2023. After graduation, he plans to attend law school to earn his J.D. to become an attorney with an emphasis on Environmental and Tribal law.

Bailey Selover is studying Integrative Health and he plans on becoming an oncologist. After he graduates in May, he is going to the Philippines for a Community Health Internship as well as doing community work in Phoenix. He is passionate about making healthcare accessible and is looking forward to being a leader in healthcare.

Jazmin Nuñez is a Justice Studies major with a minor in communications. She grew up in Tucson AZ and spent most of her summers in Caborca, Sonora Mexico. She advocates for sustainable ways of living and education. Her degree will be used to serve communities with a high population of minorities, immigrants, and people of low socio-economic backgrounds.

Priscilla Frankson comes from the village of Point Hope, which is located around 125 miles north of the arctic circle in the state of Alaska. She has a bachelor's in Aviation Management and is currently in the second semester of his master's in American Indian Studies with a concentration on Tribal Leadership and Governance. She is currently part of a research project called ARC NAV, which seeks to emphasize Indigenous knowledge on issues related to climate change and sea ice in Arctic Alaska and Russia.