Being with Water

Lab: Indigenizing Food Systems, Spring 2023
Instructors: Myla Vicenti Carpio, Melissa Nelson
Type: Print Media
Tags: Water, Food Systems
Team: Dana Fickel, Sasha Park

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About the outcome

The Being With Water group will create a zine about water personhood and the ways in which the commodification of water, by practices of control and allocation, has deprived indigenous peoples of their food sovereignty. Focusing on the Salt River, the group will share scenes from the river and showcase its impact on food systems.

About the team

Dana Fickel is a senior year Sustainability BA student with a Studio Art minor. She focuses her studies in sustainable food systems where her knowledge of ecosystem science, sociology and agriculture intersect. She is interested in decolonizing food systems by empowering local food sources and traditional practices. 

Sasha Park is a student studying Biological Sciences: Conservation & Ecology. She is obsessed with fungi & all their ecologies and plans to get a Phd on fungal symbiosis. She is also interested in socio-ecological systems, foraging, hiking, gardening, & rock climbing. When not busy, Sasha spends her time outside chasing the smell of creosote in the air.