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Avanzando Education Pathways Impact Outcomes

Avanzando Education Pathways

Students in the Avanzando Education Pathways Lab, in partnership with Lab faculty leads from the Center for Broadening Participation in STEM and the School of International Letters and Cultures, as well as leaders from the diverse community of Maryvale, together investigated actionable responses to educational disparities and community challenges. Read on to learn about their work.

Avanzando Las Humanidades: Education Stories

On the evening of October 20th, 2022, students from the Avanzando: Education Pathways Lab hosted Maryvale High School students, staff and parents as well as ASU students and community at an event called Avanzando las Humanidades: Education Stories. The evening took place with the sun setting over the Nelson Fine Arts Plaza and featured local community professionals sharing their personal career journeys and the pivotal role that the humanities played in their success stories. Lab students led the event as hosts and moderators for the rich panel discussion.

Event guests listened to the sounds of Latinx America from Guitar​ras Latinas, watched an in-process chalk mural designed by Lab students and a local artist to evoke the educational aspirations of Maryvale Village in Phoenix, ​​​met and took photos with Sparky and enjoyed delicious Latin foods. Click here to read more about the event.

Student Outcomes

Pathways to Higher Education for Maryvale Students

One of the course outcomes, created by Lab students (Adriana Gonzalez-Chavez, Joseph Rotella, Lynette Hrabik, Nithya Raman, and Ethan Scheider) in partnership with Maryvale High School students, is a resource website. The site provides college application resources such as application portals, scholarship opportunities and college essay writing support and is designed to support the pursuit of secondary education. The teams identifies a next step forward for the outcome as a future translation of the site into Spanish so content is accessible for parents who are not fluent in English. View their full website here.

College Essay Writing Workshop

After directly engaging with Maryvale students and learning that college essays were one of their biggest concerns in the college application process, Adrian Galan and James Porter designed and held a workshop that provided tools and exercises for creating compelling college essays. Approximately twenty-five students attended the workshop, working real-time to create their college essays.

To Provide Accessibility and Resources

Because Wi-Fi is essential for accessing the internet — resources, applications, college information, etcetera — students Paul Hinojos, Alare Averitte, Tanishq Manikya, Allison Veritzan, Dylan Mikolajczyk, and Daniya Maye collaborated to design a localized Maryvale map of spaces offering free Wi-Fi accessible to students. Check out their brochure to learn more.


In order to earn the funds needed to initiate these projects, Avanzando Education Pathways students applied for and received the following grants:

– Paul Hinojos, Alare Averitte, Adeeb Awajan, Tanishq Manikya, Allison Veritzan, Dylan Mikolajczyk, and Daniya Maye were awarded an Amplifier Mini-Grant for their To Provide Accessibility and Resources outcome.

– Adrian Galan and James Porter were awarded an Amplifier Mini-Grant for their College Essay Workshop outcome.

– Adriana Gonzalez-Chavez, Lynette Hrabik, Nithya Raman, and Joseph Rotella were awarded an Amplifier Mini-Grant for their Pathways to Higher Education for Maryvale Students outcome.

Media Coverage

Collaborative Partners

 - Maryvale High School
 - Renu SIngh, Director of Gifted and Talented Academy, Maryvale High School
 - Christina Ngo, Senior Director of Social Embeddedness, Arizona State University
 - Design Studio for Community Solutions at the Watts College for Public Service and Community Solutions