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Performing the Anthropocene Impact Outcomes

Performing the Anthropocene

Students in the Performing the Anthropocene Lab investigated questions such as, “What is the Anthropocene? What does it have to do with climate change?” The Lab was comprised of a menagerie of students and faculty from around the university who were committed to researching the Anthropocene and co-creating original work exposing disturbing sustainability truths, human disconnection, human consumption and the global consequences of inaction. Student impact outcomes ranged from visual research reflection journals, to artwork and semester long series of short performance films. Among the series of performance films was an enlightening short-film visually unraveling human disconnection. The film, a local / international student collaboration, blended original footage from the Grand Bazaar of Turkey, the peak of A-Mountain and other locales as it interspersed holographic acting scenes depicting humans lost in technology. This impact outcome and others from the Lab serve as an awakening to the human responsibility of creating a sustainable future for all. Scroll below to view a few examples of impact outcomes from this Lab.

Reflection Journal

Sydney Buhr’s reflection journal paired research with art, visually illustrating and elucidating disturbing research findings. Her images expose human impact on the planet. View the entire project here.


Short Performance Films

A series of collaborative short performance films were created by students from this Lab. Watch an example below, titled “World in Confinement” by Kimberly Flores & Casey Rapacki.

Student Testimonials