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Designing the Future University

Fall 2021: Tuesday and Thursday, 3pm-4:15pm
H.B. Farmer Education Building, Room 338

  • How can universities adapt to be more relevant and accessible to diverse, non-traditional students?
  • What does a university look like that abides by the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion?
  • How can the digital revolution be harnessed to build future universities that meet changing needs?
  • How can universities be reorganized to allow for innovation in learning, discovery, and engagement?
  • How can universities better prepare for unforeseen negative disruptions (e.g. global pandemics, economic recessions, conflict and war)?

How can universities be disrupted for positive change and prepare individuals and groups to meaningfully contribute to present and future well-being for all?

The course will envision how universities can be redesigned to better prepare individuals and groups to create the future we want, adapt to unforeseen challenges, respond to and contribute to social change, and embed justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion as core operating principles in higher education and beyond.


Minu Ipe — Managing Director and Vice Chair of the University Design Institute (UDI) at Arizona State University
More collaborators TBA.

Impact Outcomes

Students will share their findings with the general public in a format of their choosing. This will be updated several times. Include intended outcomes and then when Lab is over, come back here to update with examples of some of the outcomes.

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Enrollment Information

Fall 2021: Tuesday and Thursday, 3pm-4:15pm and *Thursday 1:30pm-2:45pm

H.B. Farmer Education Building, Room 338, Session C

  • Humanities Lab HUL 494 and 598
  • School of Sustainability SOS 498 and 594
  • School for the Future of Innovation in Society FIS 494
  • Innovation and Venture Development IVD 494 and 598
  • Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology HSD 598
*Lab time is for students to work on activities and assignments, especially skill-building and collaborative Lab projects. Contact faculty about required Lab times.

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Instructional Team

Faculty: Cheryl Heller Innovation Design The Design School Designing the Future University Fall 2021
Faculty: Christopher Boone Sustainability School of Sustainability Designing the Future University Fall 2021