Intro to Interdisciplinary Research

Spring 2024: i/o Course | Session B

What is the relationship between disciplines and interdisciplinarity?


What insights do different disciplines offer? How do they conduct research?


How does someone conduct interdisciplinary research? Why engage in it with others?


What does successful collaboration look like? What does it take to do it?

What is interdisciplinary research? Why is it increasingly recognized as important?

Students in this Lab will learn about interdisciplinary research, develop skills of collaboration, learn helpful research tools, exercise creative problem solving skills, and develop a team inquiry project focused on complex social challenges. Each session students will be working hands-on and minds-on in a workshop-like environment as we work through what the concepts & practices above mean and how to use various tools to help us meet our objectives. Students will need to be actively engaged and willing to work with each other as we learn how to conduct research and work toward interventions into some of the world's biggest problems.


  • Collaborators TBA

Impact Outcomes

Students will share their findings with the general public in a format of their choosing. Check back to learn more when the Lab is over! 

Interdisciplinary Research in the News

At the Humanities Lab, we strive to ensure our Labs are relevant and current. Here are some recent articles about interdisciplinary research in today’s news!

COVID-19 starts push for more interdisciplinary research

UWO awarded $1.6 million NSF grant for interdisciplinary research on toxic algae

New interdisciplinary research initiative program announced

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Spring 2024: Online

i/oCourse, Session B

Humanities Lab   HUL 250


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Seize the Moment

This Lab is presented through Seize the Moment, an initiative of Leonardo, the Humanities Lab, and the Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University. In an alarming syndemic of intersecting crises—the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice and accompanying civil unrest, and cascading environmental hazards—Seize the Moment addresses the grand challenges of the day through transdisciplinary arts, science, technological, and humanities collaborations in research, pedagogy, and public engagement. To learn more, visit our website at

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