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Pop-up talks, interviews, presentations and more

Blending the knowledge and rigor of academic presentations with the energy and liveliness of talk shows and open mics, the Seize the Moment Variety Show is an hour of pop-up talks, interviews, performances and more celebrating the dynamic, interdisciplinary work of the Humanities Lab and Leonardo Labs at Arizona State University.

Working in interdisciplinary teams, students and faculty have been organizing panels and public events, producing podcasts and videos, and developing other activities, impact outcomes, and campaigns that address grand social challenges in the global community

More information about the Spring semester's show is coming soon.

To learn more and register, keep reading. If you're a student in a Humanities Lab or Leonardo Lab course who's interested in showcasing your impact outcome, you can complete a Variety Show submission form below.

Participating in the show

Are you a student who's currently taking a Humanities Lab or Leonardo Lab course? The Seize the Moment Variety Show is a fun and easy way to connect with students from other Labs, celebrate the end of the semester, and share your outcome with a larger audience.

As this is intended to be a dynamic, fun, and informative event, you can share or present your outcome however you want, however you choose. Examples include:

  • Talks and panels: Hosting a short talk, conversation or panel with your team members, faculty, or members of the community.
  • Readings and discussions: Sharing and discussing a short passage or quote from something you've read over the course of the semester.
  • Journalism: Presenting a short report or conducting an interview
  • Performances and art: Reading a journal entry, poem, or short story; sharing a picture or drawing; staging a dance or theatre performance; playing a song; telling a story; so on and so forth.

Be creative! The world is your oyster. Presentations can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, and can be presented in-person, online, or hybrid. Limited funding may be available for supplies, materials, or honoraria, too.

To join the show, all you need to do is submit an interest form below.

If you have any questions or would like to explore ideas about sharing your outcome at the event, contact Marketing and Communications Coordinator Maureen Kobierowski at 480.727.7220 or

Join the show!

Thank you for your interest in joining this semester's Seize the Moment Variety Show!  As an open and inclusive platform for sharing outcomes, this is not a competitive process—just tell us what you'd like to do! Reach out to Marketing and Communications Coordinator Maureen Kobierowski at with any questions, we look forward to talking more with you soon!

What is the title of your presentation?
Who is presenting? Please list all students, faculty, or other community members who may be involved.
How much time would you like for your presentation?
How will you be presenting?
What kinds of technology will be using during your presentation? Please select all that apply.
What would you like to present at the Variety Show? Use the space below to provide a brief description of your presentation or activity. Please note: this description is intended for the public and will be used for marketing and promotional purposes. Enter the description as you would like it to appear. Seize the Moment reserves the right to edit and make changes.
Upload any slideshows, presentations, or other accompanying materials. If you don't have your materials ready, you can email them to use closer to the date.
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If there's anything else you'd like to tell us about your presentation or think we should know, use the space below.