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ASU Humanities Lab teams up with School of International Letters and Cultures

Arizona State University’s Humanities Lab and the School of International Letters and Cultures have announced the Humanities Lab’s new administrative affiliation as part of the School of International Letters and Cultures collective. The Humanities Lab, launched on ASU’s Tempe campus in fall 2017, is an academic initiative that offers students team-taught, problem-focused, humanities-based interdisciplinary courses […]


Humanities Lab past faculty offers new study abroad course with a Humanities Lab spin.

In fall 2018, Arizona State University professors Sujey Vega and Christiane Reves joined forces to team-teach an interdisciplinary Humanities Lab called Facing Immigration. The course was a hit, culminating in several student-led outcomes, including a mural that now blankets an exterior wall across from the downtown Phoenix YMCA. A second Facing Immigration Lab taught by other faculty followed in […]


The Humanities Lab Announces Co-Director Juliann Vitullo

The Humanities Lab is very pleased to welcome Juliann Vitullo as its new Humanities Lab Co-Director. Vitullo is a faculty member with the School of International Letters and Cultures where her publications and teaching span many facets of Italian culture ranging from medieval to contemporary times with a concentration on relationships between textual traditions and […]