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Working Bodies and Technology

Spring 2020: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30-11:45 am
Ross-Blakely Hall, Room 171

  • How are our bodies being used in our work?
  • How do sensing and perceiving collide with work?
  • What role does the smelling, tasting, moving body play as more jobs are being turned over to machines?
  • How can we use the embodied ability to taste, touch, smell, and move through space to make better workplaces for ourselves and others?

Learn about the changing role of smelling, tasting, moving bodies as more jobs are being turned over to computers and machines. 

Bodies were once the computers and machines that drove the world. The twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have upended all that with its new technologies. This Lab asks how sensing, perceiving and working collide. Taking Food and Movement as our core cases, this Lab seeks to reveal contemporary deficiencies and potential solutions to social questions that include intersections with inequity and erasure. A chef’s coat is required as students and faculty will engage in workshops, readings, and collaborative creative projects, along with hands-, mouth-, nose-, and feet-on activities in a small exploratory environment that connects art with science.

Impact Projects

  • Students in this lab will produce an experiential art-science exhibit for Emerge 2020 and a submission for an arts-based or theory-based journal.   

Enrollment Information

Spring 2020: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30am-11:45am and Thursday 9-10:15am*

Ross Blakely Hall, Room 171
  • Humanities Lab HUL 494
  • Arts, Media and Engineering AME 494
  • Future of Innovation in Society  FIS 494
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Instructional Team

Faculty: Christy Spackman Food Policy School for the Future of Innovation in Society Working Bodies and Technology Spring 2020
Faculty: Grisha Coleman Performance and Experiential Media School of Arts, Media and Engineering Working Bodies and Technology Spring 2020
Librarian: Janice Hermer Assistant Liaison Librarian Humanities Division Working Bodies and Technology Spring 2020