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Sound and Well-Being Impact Outcomes

Sound and Well-Being

In the Sound and Well-Being Lab, faculty and students analyzed the ways that sounds affect our health, well-being, society, and the environment. Through hands-on activities such as a sound bath with a ‘Gongster,’ they experimented with various forms of sound and silence to animate the connection between sound, embodiment, social and individual well-being. Student teams collaborated to design research outcomes that supply answers to the Lab’s guiding questions and share insights with the public.

Sound Postcards and Quote Summaries

Prior to the pandemic, Lab students had worked on an impact outcome that empowered them to create digital sound postcards (linked below), a few students took that opportunity even a step further by reflecting on their work and their sound experiences in the Lab. To hear and see the postcards, and too read more on their reflections, visit:
Save the Body by Brooke Nelson
Space Between by Brian Grant
Untitled by Casey Cole

Anti-Isolation Toolkit

A group of students in our Sound and Well-Being Lab crafted an Anti-Isolation Toolkit using the knowledge learned in the Lab to curate a collection of sounds that help listeners cope with the loneliness of self – quarantine due to COVID-19.



Lastly, a handful of students published the Adventures in Sound Podcast, which teach listeners about the power of sound.