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Impact Projects

Energy and Social Justice

Spring 2020

Annotated Decision Maker

Early in the Lab, a group of students crafted an Annotated Decision Maker detailing policy recommendations for ensuring a more equitable energy transition for the Navajo Nation.


Several students in the Lab chose to make films as their method of educating the public on the energy inequities they had learned about in class.
  • One group of students created and produced a short film that highlights water injustice on the lands of the Navajo Nation.
  • Lab student Luci Lamonica worked on a video highlighting the multiple ways we take clean water for granted, and ways we can support the Navajo nation in their efforts to access clean water.

Social Media Intervention

Students in the Energy and Social Justice Lab took on a Social Media Intervention to educate their peers on local energy injustices. Through tweets, videos, and poetry, the students artfully crafted educational content through multiple social media sites.
  • Iona Isachsen posted a Twitter thread on a lack of energy access for the Navajo Nation in the United States. She encouraged students to take action against this injustice.
  • Cynthia Lee wrote, edited, and posted an Instagram story on equitable energy transitions, educating her peers on the importance of the Navajo Generating Station.
  • One group of students worked together to publish Poems for Transitions on Instagram.

Life without Earth

Spring 2020

Students in the Life without Earth Lab designed a future when Earthling have relocated to alternative planets. They created two websites: Life on Mars and Trust without Earth that imagine alternative vocabularies and social constructs, taller human beings, and recipes that account for atmospheric changes.


Sound and Well-Being

Spring 2020

Sound and Well-Being students had been slated to perform the prose/poem “Deaf Republic” by Ilya Kaminsky on Tuesday, March 17th but in lieu of the updated situation, the performance team did an incredible job transforming their work into interpretive essays. One student, Brian Grant (work featured in the attachment) chose to extend his personal experience and wrote a collection of  poems  in the style of “Deaf Republic,” while utilizing the pandemic as the key for his expression. Brian Grant A Silent Dance Between Deaf Republic and COVID-19 Prior to the pandemic Lab students had worked on an impact project that empowered them to created digital sound postcards (linked below), but in the past few days, a few students took that opportunity even a step further by reflecting on their work and their sound experiences in the Lab. To hear and see the postcards, and too read more on their reflections, visit: Sound and Well-Being Digital Postcards  Sound and Well-Being students also crafted The Anti-Isolation Toolkit with various sounds and resources for those who may be struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. Lastly, a handful of students published the Adventures in Sound Podcast, which teaches the listener about the power of sound.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Spring 2019

Hosted at Night of the Open Door, students invited attendees to make difficult decisions regarding resource allocation. One group of students authored a children’s book telling the story of natural disaster and how to help others in their own communities. Another group created a podcast that interviewed Puerto Rican students who migrated to ASU post Hurricane Maria.


The Future of Cars

Spring 2019

Faculty and students who participated in the Future of Cars Lab hosted a POD at Emerge ASU and collaborated with Intel to have a virtual reality driving experience. They also designed 3-D printouts of cars students designed accompanied by stories telling of their future existence. Lastly, participants filmed a documentary intervewing intergenerational people asking about their vision of the Future of Cars.


Facing Immigration II

Spring 2019

Humanities Lab Facing Immigration 2 students created a collection of art representing migration sold at an art show. The students then used the money to create a scholarship fund. Students also conceptualized and painted a public wall mural showcased in Downtown Phoenix. Students then hosted an intergenerational storytelling workshop and painted a community mural based on the stories that were shared at the workshop.

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Facing Immigration I

Fall 2018

Humanities Lab Facing Immigration 1 students organized a project sharing cross-generational im/migration stories. The students and artist Hugo Medina turned the stories into a powerful public mural housed in Downtown Phoenix.

Re-Envisioning Food Systems

Fall 2018

Partnering with farmer’s markets and local organizations, student groups in this lab investigated solutions to food shortages and created three educational documentaries about food sustainability.

Sexual Violence

Spring 2018

Student artists in the Sexual Violence Lab presented through performance a protest to sexual violence held at James Turrell ASU Skyspace. The performance was designed to promoted awareness of sexual violence and actions towards ending it’s cause.