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Only English? Impact Outcomes

Only English?

As part of their investigation, students in the Only English? Lab met with EIGHTEEN thought partners across the span of the Fall 2020 semester, thought partners included a Regional English Language officer from the State Department (currently deployed in Africa), the director of the cultural department of the Pima Maricopa Indian Community, lawyers, filmmakers, digital mapping specialists and linguistic professors from ASU, the University of Georgia and Stanford to name a few (full list below).

In preparation for these meetings, students researched each individual thought partner, prepared questions and then engaged in robust hour-long question/ answer dialogues.

Impact outcomes derived from the team’s multitude of research and collaborations ranged from a series of mini documentaries (developed throughout the semester) to fact sheets and letters written and shared with local legislators.


Docu-Short Film Screening

Students culminated their semester long investigation in a public docu-short film screening featuring films (and a sprinkling of podcasts) on heritage languages, language and identity, culture and communication amongst others. All have been compiled in a YouTube playlist and are viewable here.


Student Testimonials


Thought Partners

  • – Antonia Schleicher: Universiy of Indiana, NRC for African Languages, director and past president of various national organizations
  • David Bong: Avant Assessment, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Linda Egnatz: Global Seal of Biliteracy, Executive Director
  • – Rick Rosenberg: English Language Officer, State Department
  • – Howard Stephenson: former Utah senator
  • – Luis Barragan: Cultural Department of the Pima Maricopa Indian Community, Linguist
  • – Kelly Washington: Cultural Department of the Pima Maricopa Indian Community, Director
  • Amanda Weaver: lawyer and Ph.D. in linguistics
  • Steven Beschloss: ASU Narrative Center, Journalist and Director
  • Nina Berman: ASU SILC, Director
  • Andres Torres: ASU LA, Film Maker and Professor
  • Annie Hale: Digital Technology Specialist at ASU
  • Aya Matsuda: ASU English, Professor of Linguistics
  • Sara Beaudrie: ASU SILC, Professor of Linguistics
  • Matthew Toro: Digital Mapping Specialist at ASU
  • Usree Bhattacharya: University of Georgia, Professor of Linguistics
  • Claire Kramsch: Berkeley, Professor Emerita of Linguistics
  • Brendan O’Connor: ASU Education, Professor of Linguistics